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Professional translations and localizations for your online shop and marketplace in different countries. Thanks to the combinations: German, English, French, Spanish (also Catalan) and Italian.


SEO plays a very important role in marketing nowadays! We can analyze and improve your marketplace! Analysis, translations and keywords can expand your business!

Online Marketing

Keyworld Marketing: online marketing agency. SEO or SEA? What is the difference?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) describes all measures that improve the placement of a website in the organic search results of search engines such as Google.
Important components of search engine optimization include the creation of relevant content, the use of the most appropriate keywords, meta titles and/ or descriptions as well as internal linking on the website.
Google tries to define the best solution for your research according to the reader’s standards with the help of an algorithm. The ranking is also based on these criteria.
Therefore, SEO can potentially deliver very cheap and profitable traffic. However, nowadays the competition is also accordingly strong and the demands of the search engines on high-quality content lead to the fact that SEO becomes more and more expensive and therefore less profitable.

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Only an online marketing agency?


The first requirement for companies wishing to expand their products and services into foreign markets is a multilingual website. However, the best and most innovative website is of no use to the company if it is not found via the largest search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo or regional providers such as Yandex or Baidu. Therefore, the texts of the website must be written in both source and target language. For this reason, Keyworld Marketing offers search engine optimized translations.

Our team consists of online marketing experts and specialist translators who put all their experience into developing multilingual concepts for your company. As they are Spanish, Italian or French native speakers, the team has cultural background knowledge useful in the target markets and the associated culture-specific search behaviour. In this way, the visibility or online presence of your company is significantly promoted and the positioning in the search engines is improved.

Only an online marketing agency?

Data Protection

Companies and the freelancer must ensure the legal requirements are met when handling sensitive data. Company data, communication channels and storage locations must be protected in such a way that they can resist tot he potential and constantly evolving attacks. Processes for the protection of data and their handling must be documented.

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