The result of a supported review management by Keyworld Marketing is a sustainable increase in your sales and further organic evaluations on Amazon. Do you want a reliable partner who optimises your recommendation marketing? Talk to us.


It’s already been proven: Reviews of your products lead to more sales.

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Gaining the trust of customers is the basis for successful sales on platforms such as Amazon. It is not only the price that is decisive for success, because especially with high-priced purchases, the evaluations and experiences of other buyers often flow into the decision. Products with negative or missing ratings are more likely to be avoided by buyers. This is where Keyworld Marketing comes into play. We bring your company together with real customers who write reviews about your products and share their opinions with potential buyers. Unfortunately, satisfied customers in particular are less likely to share their opinions than customers with bad experiences. 

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Increase your sales

We test your product according to our test protocol and evaluate it publicly.
Reviews help you to make more sales. Up to 35% more on average


Genuine product reviews for all your markets

Amazon Reviews

Almost 60% of all Amazon customers are influenced in their purchasing decisions by the ratings of other customers.

Google Reviews

Boost your online reputation with ratings of your services in Google.

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Why reviews at Keyworld Marketing?

Ratings are legally secure if they come from persons who were or are customers of a company. In addition, the opinion expressed must be one’s own. In all other cases it is advertising and must be marked accordingly.

At Keyworld Marketing you get real reviews from real people. In our extensive database you will find thousands of motivated testers who have already come into contact with your company. You ask them to write your opinion with a request. 

We do not make any specifications regarding the content. The evaluation only reflects the reviewer’s own opinion. Unfair competition is therefore excluded.

Keyworld Marketing

Is all this according to the rules?

In order to comply with the guidelines, some points must be observed. On the one hand, the testers must be independent and carry out objective evaluations. We must not ask them to give only a 5-star rating. We adhere to both and strive to find testers who are truly interested in your product.

We test your product and then evaluate it freely and uninfluenced. We follow a strict evaluation and test protocol.